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Nonprofit Business Banking Services

We support organizations that give back to our community.

  • Treasury management services 

  • Various loan and financing options 

  • Competitive rates 

  • Flexible repayment plans 

  • Local decision-making 

  • Commercial bankers who know your industry 


Over 1.8 million nonprofit businesses in the United States1 play a crucial role in addressing issues and creating positive change in our communities. With their focus on community development, advocacy work, and providing essential services, they are at the forefront of improving the lives of those in need. In addition, nonprofits provide welcome and often much-needed assistance to museums, historical sites, and religious institutions, among others.  

Nonprofits like yours rely on contributions (19% of funding), government grants (8% of funding), and earned income from users and customers (73% of funding) to fund their activities.2 However, building relationships, raising money, maintaining donors, and managing cash flow can be challenging. That's where nonprofit business banking services from Ameris Bank come into play. 

Our services include comprehensive treasury management solutions to manage cash flow and investments, automate receivables and payables, and mitigate financial fraud. In addition, we offer nonprofit business accounts, making it easy for you to track donations, grants, and expenses. This helps maintain regulatory compliance and builds trust among donors and stakeholders. Lastly, Ameris Bank offers commercial loans and financing products that can be used for various needs. 


As an experienced, reputable, and highly sought-after nonprofit business banking resource, Ameris Bank has helped many nonprofits streamline their financial operations and make informed decisions for sustainable growth. And we can do the same for your nonprofit. 

You will receive personalized support from an experienced commercial banker who understands the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations, as well as the opportunities. Whether setting up a treasury management plan or structuring a commercial loan or financing product, your dedicated commercial banker will provide informative, one-to-one customer service at every step. 

Commercial Lending Products


Sales for the United States nonprofit industry are forecast to grow at a 4.07% compounded annual rate through 20273, slower than the overall economy's growth. So, your nonprofit must be prepared for a potential decrease in contributions and uneven cash flow. Obvious ways to boost revenue include nurturing existing donors, participating in local events, and community outreach. 

And by leveraging Ameris Bank's specialized banking solutions designed specifically for nonprofits, your organization can optimize its financial management processes and focus more on fulfilling its mission-driven objectives. 


All Loans Subject to Credit Approval 

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Source: © 2021 Vertical IQ, Inc