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You’ve come to the right place. To make getting your loan simple and efficient, these are a few things we will need from you to get started. Remember, this is a general list and not all items will apply to you. As we confirm financing, we may need to ask for updated or additional documents.*




  • Copy of the fully executed sales contract (a copy of plans and specifications for a construction loan)

  • Copy of current driver’s license and social security card

    • If a non-resident, copy of certificate of resident alien status (green card)

  • Most recent income documentation for all parties – covering 30 days

  • Bank statements for two most recent months (all pages)

  • Completed tax returns from the last two years (all pages and schedules - signed)

  • W2 from last two years

  • Homeowners insurance agent’s name and contact information

  • Contact information for employment verification

  • Name and address of current landlord (if applicable)

  • Most recent mortgage statement(s) (if applicable)

  • Closing statements from sale of current property owned (if applicable)

  • Proof of payment on all retained properties such as taxes, insurance, private mortgage insurance, and homeowner’s association dues (if applicable)



  • Applying for any new debt such as credit cards, automobiles, etc.

  • Co-signing on another loan

  • Allowing multiple lenders to run hard credit inquiries as this has the potential to damage your credit score

  • Moving money around and between accounts

  • Changing jobs

  • Waiting until the last minute to select your homeowners insurance agent



  • Provide requested documentation as quickly as possible

  • Return applicable signed disclosures as quickly as possible

  • Be prepared to provide additional documentation, if requested during the process

  • Rest assured, we are dedicated to keeping the process as hassle-free as possible


*All loans subject to credit approval.