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Personal Savings

Be ready for tomorrow. Whether you plan to buy something big, do something special or create a rainy day fund, an interest-earning savings account can help prepare you for whatever the future holds.

  • Variety of options

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Online and mobile banking


Where would you like to go with your savings? Maybe you’re saving for the short term, for a special purchase or project. Maybe your eye is on the future, saving for a college education, health care costs or your own retirement. Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, creating a financial cushion that allows you to react to immediate opportunities or unexpected costs while building up savings over the long term. Wherever you are in your financial planning journey, we’ll meet you there. At Ameris Bank, we offer multiple savings accounts that can be tailored to your unique needs.

Savings Accounts

Personal Savings Account

Build your savings so you can reach your mark — vacation, nest egg or anything in between.

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Personal Money Market Account

Earn higher interest returns while maintaining easy access.

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Minor Savings Account

Teach children the value of saving money and create good savings habits.

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Health Savings Account

A high-deductible health plan calls for a way to save for qualified medical expenses.

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Educational Savings Account

Annual contributions can be used to cover private school and college tuition costs.

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Certificates of Deposit

Let us help you grow your savings so that you can relax and enjoy all life has to offer.

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Individual Retirement Account

Time flies when you’re saving right with this investment.

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Ameris Bank offers a variety of competitive savings accounts. Open an account online or at one of our full-service locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.