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Prefer to bank online? With your mobile phone? Or at a branch? At Ameris Bank, bank on your own terms and in your own way. Our nimble approach to banking keeps us on the ball to get things done for you.

  • Convenient checking accounts for money management

  • Savings options to help you reach your magic number

  • Low-cost loans that provide the lift you need

  • Anytime access through electronic banking

Fiercely committed to you

Tradition can be a powerful thing—unless it gets in the way. At Ameris Bank, we aren’t here to get in the way, we’re here to get things done, right. We look outside conventional wisdom and old processes to create clear paths and easy touchpoints. Say goodbye to cumbersome lines and hurdles.

Creating a Savings Plan

Make a plan to start saving now.

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Financial Independence

Striving for financial independence? Learn how to get closer to achieving your goal.

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Does Time of Year Matter When Shopping for a Home?

To catch great deals, timing is everything - especially when shopping for a home.

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Understand Your Credit

Your credit score is a measure of how financially responsible you have been.

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A Financial Diet for the New Year

Taking time to organize your money and expenses will help you achieve your financial goals

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Retirement Basics

With the right planning, you can enjoy the days of retirement.

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First-Time Homebuyer's Guide

Use this guide to better understand the mortgage application process. 

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Eight Ways to Buy a Home with Little or No Money Down

Whether you are a first-time buyer or moving up to your next home, there is assistance available for qualified buyers.

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It's Possible Together

Making the Grade For A Family Business

When former teacher Linda Burns began her educational supply company, she needed a banker that wasn’t afraid of homework, and came to “class” fully prepared! She relies on the Ameris team to help her business grow, solve financial problems, and save her time along the way. Watch Linda’s story to see how Ameris Bank became the teacher’s pet.