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Municipal Banking Services

Custom-tailored solutions for municipal and government entities

  • Treasury management services 

  • Various loan and financing options 

  • Competitive rates 

  • Flexible repayment plans 

  • Local decision-making 

  • Commercial bankers who know your industry 


Overseeing one of the 90,000 government or local municipalities in the United States1  involves many tasks and responsibilities. These include setting budgets, approving local ordinances, and managing public services and infrastructure projects. The efficient management of funds is required for your municipality to meet its obligations, cover the cost of essential services, and invest in the growth and development of your community. 

Municipal banking services from Ameris Bank play an important role in supporting the financial stability and growth of communities. Our treasury management services can help you take control of your municipality's finances, optimize its cash flow and assets, automate its receivables and payables, and mitigate fraud.  

We can also structure a commercial loan or financing solution that can be used to fund infrastructure projects and capital outlays, the latter of which accounts for 12-14% of annual direct expenditures for local governments.2


Ameris Bank is the ideal partner for your municipality's banking requirements. Over the years, we have helped municipalities streamline all aspects of their banking processes with customized solutions designed specifically for their needs, and we can do the same for yours.  

You will work with one of our commercial bankers who has the municipality banking experience and expertise that inspire confidence. After discussing the particulars of your municipality and its banking and financing requirements, your dedicated banker will recommend the best solutions.  

They will build a long-term relationship with you and be there when you have questions or want to learn more about our full complement of municipality banking services.

Municipal Banking Services

  • Construction projects
  • General obligation debt
  • Revenue bonds
  • Bridge financing in Georgia for projects to be paid for with special-purpose, local-option sales taxes (SPLOST)
  • Bridge financing for USDA-approved projects
  • Debt repayment support via limited millage pledge
  • Tax anticipation notes


Because most local governments are required by law to balance their budget on an annual basis, they must accurately forecast revenues to set spending targets properly.3 However, changing economic conditions and fluctuating sales and income tax revenue can make it hard to predict cash inflows and outflows. 

As a result, it can be difficult for your municipality to maintain sufficient cash flow when it depends on the timing of revenue collection. Ameris Bank's municipal banking services are just what you need to address your municipality's cash flow patterns and expenditure cycles, address potential funding gaps, and help you allocate resources more efficiently. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. 


All Loans Subject to Credit Approval 

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Source: © 2021 Vertical IQ, Inc