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Veterinary Banking Services

Custom-tailored solutions to help your practice or clinic grow.

  • Treasury management services

  • Loan and financing options

  • Competitive rates

  • Flexible repayment plans

  • Local decision-making

  • Bankers who know your industry


Pets are integral to millions of Americans' lives; they bring joy, companionship, and unconditional love to people of all ages. More than 65% of United States households have pets1. And when pet owners require comprehensive healthcare services for their dogs, cats, and pocket pets, they call upon the expertise of veterinary practices and clinics like yours. 

Running a successful veterinary practice or clinic requires more than medical expertise and friendly, compassionate care that pet owners appreciate. It also requires access to banking services tailored to the unique needs of veterinarians. You can find them at Ameris Bank. 

We offer comprehensive treasury management services to manage cash flow and investments, automate receivables and payables, and mitigate financial fraud. Additionally, Ameris Bank offers commercial loans and financing products that can be used to invest in new medical and diagnostic equipment, cover operational costs, expand a practice, or acquire an existing practice.   

Having access to these specialized veterinary banking services can help you to achieve your professional goals while ensuring the long-term success of your practice.


When you choose Ameris Bank for your veterinary banking needs, you will work directly with a commercial banker who understands the United States veterinary healthcare industry, which comprises 28,000 practices2 and generates $57 billion in annual revenue3. This individual knows the latest market challenges that many veterinary practices and clinics face, such as increased competition, insufficient cash flow, and technology and equipment obsolescence.  

After meeting with you to discuss your veterinary practice or clinic's investment and financial goals and any areas that need improvement, your dedicated banker will make recommendations based on their industry knowledge and expertise.

Financing to grow your business

  • 15 year fixed-rate financing on owner-occupied commercial real estate5
  • Up to 100% medical equipment financing
  • Practice acquisition at up to 100% financing


US veterinary practices industry sales are forecast to grow at a 6.16% compounded annual rate through 2027, faster than the overall economy's growth4. However, it is important not to make assumptions about the future success of your veterinary practice or clinic solely based on past industry growth. Economic conditions can fluctuate, and external factors beyond your control can impact your bottom line.  

By leveraging Ameris Bank's treasury management services and commercial loan and financing products, you can keep moving your practice or clinic forward and be prepared for unexpected challenges. This improves overall financial stability and lets you focus on providing top-quality care to your furry patients.  


All Loans Subject to Credit Approval 

1, 2, 3, 4 - Vertical IQ® Industry Report, Veterinary Practices
Source: © 2021 Vertical IQ, Inc

5Minimum loan amount of $500,000. Property type restrictions may apply. Deposit balances must be reflective of the annual average balances reasonably expected for the business and tested no less than annually. Loan payment must be auto drafted from an Ameris Bank account. Refinance penalties may apply in the first 10 years of the loan. All loans subject to credit approval. Program guidelines apply. Availability subject to change without notice.