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Protect Your Account with Positive Pay

Automatically identify and stop fraudulent transactions before they post to your account.

  • Reduces check fraud risk

  • Reduces expenses associated with unauthorized fraudulent transactions

  • Ensures fraudulent transactions are rejected before final payment and posting



A counterfeit or altered check could sink your business, but it doesn’t have to. Positive Pay from Ameris Bank can catch these transactions before they post to your account, protecting your business automatically. 

When someone presents one of your business checks for payment, Ameris Bank compares it to a file you send us detailing all outgoing checks. We flag suspicious checks and bring them to your attention for approval. 

You need a bank you can trust. Ameris Bank addresses your concerns through personal care and timely communication with a dedicated treasury management services team devoted to keeping your business protected.


Check Positive Pay

Match business-issued checks presented for payment against your provided check issue file, which contains previously authorized checks. Decide whether to pay or reject an item through Business Online Banking
  • Payee Match: Add an extra layer of security to verify the payee on a check is accurate to reduce the risk of an altered payee or counterfeit check.

Reverse Positive Pay

Review all checks processed the previous day to ensure transactions are accurate and authorized. We send you a daily file of all checks presented for payment. Authorize or decline checks before they're posted to your account.

ACH Positive Pay

Screen ACH debit transactions prior to posting and decide whether to pay or reject an item through Business Online Banking. Email notifications for exceptions are sent to Positive Pay users.


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