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Healthcare Banking Services

The prescription for healthcare business success.

  • Various loan and financing options 

  • Competitive rates 

  • Flexible repayment plans 

  • Local decision-making 

  • Commercial bankers who know your industry 


The United States healthcare industry is essential in promoting public health, diagnosing and preventing diseases, and providing medical care to people of all ages. Moreover, the healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors of our nation's economy. It comprises 671,098 firms that employ 20.5 million workers and generates $3.2 trillion in annual revenue.1 Plus, 1.3 million owner-operators (physicians, home healthcare providers, etc.) generate an additional $57.6 billion annually.2 

Advancing medicine, helping improve patient care, and meeting growth and operational goals requires cash flow forecasting and management, minimizing financial risk, and capital investment. 

Whether you run a healthcare practice or medical center or develop new medications or medical devices, Ameris Bank has the treasury management and commercial financing solutions you need. Having structured programs for many healthcare practices, medical centers, and healthcare companies, our commercial bankers understand the complexity of healthcare financing. 


Your healthcare practice, medical center, or healthcare company's financial needs are unique, so you need a treasury management solution that addresses these needs. From cash flow forecasting and investing to risk assessment and day-to-day operations like banking and payments, Ameris Bank offers the full spectrum of treasury management services. We also provide commercial loans and financing products. 

Our experienced commercial bankers and treasury services officers will help you make an informed decision you feel confident in. They’ll oversee all aspects of your treasury management solution and borrowing needs and update you regularly. We’re with you when you have questions or need information or assistance. 

Financing to help you grow

  • 15 year fixed-rate financing on owner-occupied commercial real estate5
  • Up to 100% medical equipment financing
  • Practice acquisition at up to 100% financing


Sales for the United States healthcare industry are forecast to grow at a 5.83% compounded annual rate through 2027, faster than the overall economy's growth.3 This presents healthcare practices, medical centers, and healthcare companies with growth opportunities, so long as they are prepared financially and operationally. 

So, it is essential for you to proactively adapt and position your healthcare practice, medical center, or healthcare company for long-term success. A treasury management solution from Ameris Bank can optimize your business's liquidity and mitigate its financial and operational risk. And our commercial loan and financing products can be used to invest in new healthcare equipment and technology to stay current and provide the highest quality care. 


All Loans Subject to Credit Approval 

1, 2, 3, - Vertical IQ® Industry Report, US Healthcare Sector
Source: © 2021 Vertical IQ, Inc

5Minimum loan amount of $500,000. Property type restrictions may apply. Deposit balances must be reflective of the annual average balances reasonably expected for the business and tested no less than annually. Loan payment must be auto drafted from an Ameris Bank account. Refinance penalties may apply in the first 10 years of the loan. All loans subject to credit approval. Program guidelines apply. Availability subject to change without notice.