ACH Services

Make business easy for you and your vendors with ACH Credit Originations.  Automatically pay invoices accounts with a one-time setup and avoid the cost of late checks and expensive wire transfers.

  • Make recurring payments rapidly and accurately

  • Manage critical delivery dates

  • Minimize storage and security needs with keeping checks on hand

Move cash in a flash

For a business, handling paper checks – incoming and outgoing – can be a giant drain on your staff's resources. With ACH, payments move quickly and electronically into and out of your accounts. And the process is as convenient for your customers and suppliers as it is for you. Contact an Ameris Bank transition specialist to learn about all the advantages and to get started with our suite of services.

  • Easily and quickly pay your suppliers, vendors, government taxes and employees
  • Give your business a more predictable settlement and cash flow
  • Reduce your business’s costs when disbursing funds
  • Reduce the costs associated with checks and fraud
  • Utilize a variety of ways to originate ACH payments, including database templates and direct file transfers
  • Access online reporting that complements audit controls

ACH Services

  • Collect payments electronically and reduce processing costs
  • Reduce time spent on processing past-due payments
  • Improve customer retention
  • Facilitate fast return-item processing
  • Reduce number of delinquencies
  • Communicate exact payment date
  • Automatically and electronically withdraw funds from your customer’s account, at their bank, for recurring or other consumer-approved payments
  • Automatically make recurring payments more rapidly and accurately
  • Minimize storage and security needs associated with keeping checks on hand
  • Eliminate critical delivery dates
  • Combine funds from a variety of different accounts into one central account
  • Provide 24-hour funds availability from or to outlying locations
  • Improve cash flow forecasting
  • Reduce the need for expensive wire transfers
  • Increase efficiency
  • Automatically process payroll, by electronically sending payroll credits to employee accounts, even if they are held at other financial institutions.
  • Minimize storage and security needs associated with keeping checks on hand
  • Eliminate critical delivery dates


We're here to help every step of the way.


We're here to help every step of the way.

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