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Treasury Management Services

Solutions for payables, receivables, account management, and fraud prevention.

Treasury management services. 

As a business owner, you’re concerned about managing your payables and receivables and mitigating your financial risks. Ensuring your business has the resources for day-to-day operations while you develop a long-term financial strategy is critical to your success. You look to your bank for proactive financial advice and real-time updates that will help you maximize your bottom line and move your business forward.

You need a bank you can trust. One that is committed to seamless customer care. You need Ameris Bank. 

We offer comprehensive treasury management services to help you streamline your financial operations so that you can focus on what matters most – growing and running your business. Our treasury solutions can help you stay one step ahead of fraud, simplify your payables, optimize your receivables, and easily manage your accounts. 



Ameris Bank addresses your concerns with fast, efficient, personal care and timely communication from a dedicated treasury management services team. We work closely with you. We get things done. We find new solutions to help you move your business forward. We empower our people to make decisions at the local level. Decisions that benefit you directly. Because you need clear paths and easy touchpoints that improve your treasury management services experience. Welcome to streamlined banking. 



Account Management Services

Streamline your operations with automated processes and make sound business decisions with timely, accurate and complete reports.
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Robust Fraud Prevention Services

Safeguard your accounts and your business from potential threats with robust fraud prevention solutions.
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Management of Payables

Manage funds going out with automated processes and controls, and get real-time visibility into your payables.
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Management of Receivables

Add predictability to your cash flow, accelerate collections, and give your customers options they’ll appreciate.
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Ameris Bank is a full-service financial institution serving customers in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, with locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.