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Our Purpose

Everything we do begins with our strength and commitment. We’re here to make a difference. Open doors. Make strides. Break ground. Turn dreams into reality. We’re a bank that’s here for the long haul, and one that prioritizes our commitment to our customers, communities and colleagues.




At Ameris Bank, our bankers are empowered at the local level to make decisions, so you don't have to jump through hurdles or endure endless red tape. This empowerment, combined with our strength, means that we can get things done right.

In person, on the phone, or on a screen, we provide seamless — and personalized — interactions so you can choose how, when and where you interact with us.

From corporate banking to personal finances, we treat every deal and every account like it’s the most important. At Ameris Bank, you’re a priority, not a number. This is Ameris.





High Performance

We are here for the long haul. This requires ensuring everything we do is of the highest quality. Our high performance is fueled by our expert, energized teammates who provide exceptional customer experiences.

Cultural Strength

The Ameris Approach guides us in all our efforts. We are focused on advancing diversity and inclusion throughout our organization. We are disciplined, yet flexible, entrepreneurial, innovative and have a true dedication to customer and employee experiences. Discover the Ameris Approach.

Banking with Purpose

We know that banking isn’t one size fits all. This is why we are driven to understand our customers’ objectives so that we can provide meaningful and appropriate solutions. We will scrap convention to get things done and we will never cut corners. 

Technological Advancements

The world is constantly changing and so are banking preferences. We are committed to constantly improving our technology so that our customers can bank when and where they prefer.