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Our History

From our beginnings in 1971, we have always stood for strength and courage; pride and fierce determination. This holds true today, as we continue to grow and expand beyond our southern Georgia roots.




Ameris Bank opened its doors as American Banking company on October 1, 1971. What started as one location, with $1 million in capital in Moultrie, Georgia, has now evolved into a publicly traded bank headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our founding father, Eugene M. Vereen, Jr., envisioned a bank for the future. He and other board members set out to create a collective mindset that doesn't rely on tired banking norms or cookie-cutter solutions. Rather, they set the foundation for a bank that looks beyond tradition to create solid, innovative solutions.

A half-century later, Ameris Bank leaders and employees continue to build on this legacy by providing advanced products and services led by an industrious spirit — all with the purpose of improving the lives of our customers and enriching our communities.


In November 2019, we rebranded and launched a new logo – with our lion.

The lion is a symbol of our strength and courage; our pride and fierce determination. It is a representation of taking bold steps and diverging from the pack. Being different requires courage. Seeing past decades of tired banking norms for a better way takes determination.

Our lion perfectly represents who we have always been and who we will continue to be — a bold bank that isn’t afraid to break through convention to get things done right.