Student Banking Solutions

Bank from anywhere, on your way to everywhere. As a student, it is important to have on-the-go and easy access to your money. Ameris Bank offers the checking, savings, credit card and account access solutions you need to manage your money and build responsible financial habits for years to come.

Access Checking

A non-interest bearing account, providing easy access to your money anytime, anywhere.

  • Online Banking including Online Bill Pay, Email and Text Alerts
  • Mobile Banking including Mobile Bill Pay and Mobile Check Deposit
  • Text Banking
  • Automated Telephone Banking
  • Ameris Bank Visa® Debit Card
  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • Free E-Statements; Paper Statements available at a price of $2 per statement mailed¹
  • No ATM transaction fees when using any Ameris Bank ATM²
  • Senior Benefits³ apply for those 62 and over
Account Price:

The monthly account price for Access Checking is $6. The monthly price for the account will not be assessed when any one of the following activities is met each month:

  • ACH deposits of $500 or more credited to your account; OR
  • 15 or more Debit Card point-of sale transactions; OR
  • The checking account’s average daily balance (during the statement cycle) is $1,500 or greater

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Tips for Students

Create a Budget

Creating and sticking to a budget can help you decrease stress caused by overspending and could help you avoid unnecessary debt.  Learn More.

Credit Card Management

With the right credit card management, you can learn to use your card responsibly, helping you avoid the stress of unnecessary debt.  Learn More.

Graduate with Less Debt

College is expensive, but you are investing in your future.  By making informed and knowledgeable decisions, you can enjoy getting an education while also taking proactive steps to minimize debt.  Learn More.

Planning for College: Solutions for Parents

Invest for College

One day you are coming home from the hospital with your bundle of joy, and the next they are off to college. Explore investment options, to start saving now for their post-high school education.

Scholarships and Grants

Learn more about scholarships and grants, and how this form of financial aid might pay a large portion or all of your student’s college experience.

Federal Student Aid

Learn how the state and federal government offer federal student loans that can provide the funding needed to cover tuition, room and board, and text books.

¹Access & Amenity Checking – Statement Delivery Options: E-Statements are available, free of charge, for every checking account. The price of a Paper Statement is $2.00, which will be deducted from the associated account. You may avoid the price of a Paper Statement by enrolling to receive E-Statements for your checking account. Learn More.
²ATM Usage:  You may use an Ameris Bank debit card at any Ameris Bank ATM free of charge. If you use a non Ameris Bank ATM, you will incur a $2 service charge in addition to any ATM service charge assessed by the owner of the ATM.

³Senior Benefits: Regardless of the personal checking solution, customers age 62 and over will receive a 25% discount on the monthly account price, if assessed, along with Ameris Bank
wallet style checks at no charge; other check styles are available for purchase.