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Card Controls

Control how, when and where your debit card is used. Whether you’ve lost your card, or just want to set some limits, card controls make it easy to safeguard your debit card.

Control Your Debit Card

Take total control, wherever you go! Keep your debit cards safe and receive instant notifications1 based on your preferences. 

With card controls, you can: 

  • Turn your debit card on or off - Turn your card on and off for an additional layer of protection. Anytime your card is off, transactions will not be processed.

  • Set transaction controls - You control where your card can be used. Select a region to use your debit card and block international usage. 

  • Set spending limits - Set maximum amounts for debit card usage. Also, if you are a parent whose child just received their first debit card, this feature can help you teach your child money management tips while maintaining their budget. 

  • Get real-time alerts when the card is used - Receive a real-time alert on your phone every time the card is used.

  • Prevent fraud - Select or deselect transaction types such as instore, e-commerce, phone orders and more. 


Getting started is easy


STEP 1: 

Log in to the app. 

Step 2: 

Tap the More button. 

Step 3: 

Tap Card Controls. 

Step 4: 

Click on your debit card and set your preferences!



1Mobile carrier data and messaging rates may apply.