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Custom Alerts

We make it easy to keep tabs on your accounts. Never miss a beat with customized email and mobile app alerts. 

Stay Informed. Stay Secure.


Account Alerts1 

  • Deposits become available for use 
  • Incoming and outgoing transactions 
  • A specific check number is processed 
  • Transactions complete and/or fail 
  • Balances fluctuate

Card Alerts1

  • Merchant alerts
  • Transaction alerts
  • Balance threshold
  • International Usage 
  • Fraud alerts – We’ll automatically alert debit card customers when we suspect possible fraud


Signing Up Is Easy

To sign up for alerts within your app, simply log in to your account, select more, and tap “alerts.”

STEP 1: 

Log in to online banking.

Step 2: 

Select Customer Service in the top navigation. 

Step 3: 

Select alert. 

Step 4: 

Verify and update (if necessary) your contact information to confirm the address and telephone number alerts are sent to.

Step 5: 

Choose your alerts.

1Mobile carrier data and messaging rates may apply.