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Voice ID

Better Fraud Prevention. Faster Service.

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. With Voice ID, Ameris can use your voice to verify your identity quickly, easily, and securely.

Verifying You by the Sound of Your Voice

Using your voice, Ameris Bank can now securely confirm your identity, reducing the risk of fraud and offering faster service when you call.



Fewer security questions means faster service when you call.


Using the distinct characteristics of your voice, we can verify your identity and improve fraud detection.


There's nothing you need to do! Voice ID lets Ameris verify you more quickly during future calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Voice ID is a security feature that verifies you by the sound of your voice when you call us, allowing fast and secure service and access to your accounts. 

Like a fingerprint, Voice ID creates a voiceprint using a mathematical equation that is unique to you. It uses more than 100 different physical and behavioral characteristics such as pitch, accent, shape of your mouth and vocal tract.
When you call Ameris, your unique and secure voiceprint is created automatically, there is nothing that you need to do. Once your Voice ID is created, the next time you call we can use your voice to quickly verify it’s you and reduce the need to answer security questions.
Voice ID helps Ameris to provide you with even faster service when you call us. Because we can verify you by the sound of your voice, we ask fewer security questions. The ability to verify you by the sound of your voice can also reduce fraud should a criminal attempt to impersonate you over the phone.
Voice ID is a great security measure to help protect you and your accounts. 

Your Voice ID creates a voiceprint that is stored as a mathematical equation that only works for verification with our system – it can’t be used elsewhere for verification. Your voice ID is encrypted and protected with the highest industry security standards.
Hundreds of voice characteristics are represented in your voiceprint, only a few of which are affected by a cold.  If a health condition that severely affects your voice, such as laryngitis, impacts your authentication, we can still authenticate your identity with other authentication methods.
Voiceprints are very reliable, but if you ever have problems, a representative can authenticate you with other methods instead. If there are repeated challenges with your voiceprint, we can quickly help you to create another.
There may be instances that require alternative authentication methods, such as too much noise in the background, to protect you and your accounts.
Voice ID is an optional feature for faster service. Without Voice ID, we can still verify your identity and provide the exceptional service you expect.
If you do not wish to continue using Voice ID, please select the opt out button below.
The short voiceprint created is treated just like any other financial data – meaning it is safeguarded as our top priority. Again, your voiceprint is stored as a mathematical equation that only works for verification with our system.