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School Spirit Program

We have spirit, how about you? Every time a parent or educator opens a checking account, we donate money to their school of choice — stimulating education in every community we serve.

Go beyond the bake sale

We launched our School Spirit Program in January 2014 to provide a unique opportunity for community schools to earn additional funds, without having to rely on a traditional fundraising method.

How Does It Work? 

When any parent, faculty member, booster or supporter of a school opens an Ameris Bank Free Checking account, Ameris Bank will then issue your school a quarterly “bonus,” which is based on a percentage of the total balances in all checking accounts supporting your school of choice.

This unique fundraising opportunity also gives Ameris Bank the opportunity to give back to our schools, and help enrich the lives of our children.

Getting Started

1. Talk To Your School 

If your school is not already enrolled in the program, encourage school leaders to meet with an Ameris Bank representative to learn more.

If your school is enrolled in the program, simply ask your banker about participating in the program.

2. Talk To Your Banker 

If you don’t have an Ameris Bank non-interest bearing checking account, open one today! Your local banker will note the school of choice within your customer record.

Badge of Honor

Are you a school or club benefiting from the School Spirit Program? Let all your school supporters know! Include this School Spirit Badge on your website, and link it to this web page to encourage additional participation.



We're here to help every step of the way.

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