Before You Apply

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Homebuying Basics

There is nothing more important than having the understanding and knowledge of what to expect during the home buying journey.

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Refinancing Basics

Refinancing is paying off your current home loan and taking out a new loan with new terms.

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Homebuilding Basics

Building your own home allows you to customize every element.

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Mortgage Components

A mortgage is a loan used for buying a house. The loan is referred to as a secured loan because the house acts as collateral in case of a default on the home loan.

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Mortgage Options

At Ameris Bank, we provide a variety of mortgage options for you to choose from to best fit your needs and goals.

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Negotiating Tips

Ultimately, through the process of negotiating, both parties will have to come to a compromise. Work with your realtor to negotiate a price.

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Credit Score

Lenders use a credit score to evaluate the probability of a person repaying his debts.

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