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Stay Secure During Summer Travel

Woman on phone at airport

Are you ready for summer vacation?

Summer has officially started which means an influx of travel is upon us. Ensure your vacation is relaxing and stress free. Before you leave, make sure you review these cybersecurity tips to help ensure your vacation is a breeze.

Back up your data.

Before you enter vacation-mode make sure to back up your data. This is always a good practice in case your phone gets stolen or you accidentally drop your phone in water.

Turn off location settings.

While it is tempting to share your photos and tag your location in real time think twice before doing so. Posting photos and checking-in on apps lets cybercriminals and everyone else know that you are away from your home, making you a great target. Wait until you get home to tell the cyberworld about your travels.

Use a PIN code or password.

Always use a PIN code or password on your electronic devices and make sure it’s strong! Are your passwords strong enough? Click here for tips on how to create strong passwords.

Avoid unsecured wifi networks.

Do not connect to unsecured wifi networks. This is a breeding ground for cybercriminals, especially during vacation season in high traffic destinations. If you do use a public network don’t conduct activities, such as banking or online shopping, where personal information is needed.

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