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Safety and Your Home Go Together like Tricks and Treats.

Kids carving pumpkins and eating treats

Whether you are preparing for trick-or-treaters or taking your family door to door for treats, ensure your Halloween experience is a safe one!

1. Provide plenty of lighting for arriving trick-or-treaters.

By having appropriate lighting, you will ensure safety for all children, while protecting your home from pranksters. Also, if you go trick-or-treating, bring a flashlight for yourself.

2. Make sure to trick-or-treat in groups.

There is safety in numbers. Instead of going by yourself or with one other person, make a point to gather a large group of friends and neighbors to trick-or-treat with. Not only is this safer, it is also more fun!

3. Lock up.

Before you leave or once you’re finished handing out candy, remember to lock all the doors and windows, including your cars. Also, make sure to set all your alarms for additional protection.

4. Double check to make sure valuables aren’t in plain sight.

Trick-or-treating opens your home up to strangers, which gives them the chance to peek into your home. Make sure you don’t have anything of value laying around that someone might want to steal.

By following these tips, you will protect yourself and your home. Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween!