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Preparing Your Young Adult to Leave the Nest

Mom and daughter sitting on floor in kitchen

Your young adult is preparing to leave the nest. Have you done all you can to prepare them for adulthood? Here are some basic life skills that your child needs to know to transition to a life away from mom and dad.


Your young adult should have basic banking skills before they leave home. Teaching them how to budget, build a savings and responsibly use a credit card are great places to start. Consider starting the conversation with budgeting. Once you teach them how to budget, they can see how much money they are spending and how much they have available to contribute to a savings account. After your child understands budgeting and saving, start introducing credit cards. Make sure to educate them on the benefits, but don’t forget to stress how credit cards can hurt if not used correctly.

Tip: Utilize our budgeting resources to help start the conversation.

Life Skills

Basic cooking skills.

While most young adults would probably prefer to live on take out, at this point in their life it isn’t financially feasible. Teaching basic cooking skills is a great way to prepare them for adult hood. Take them grocery shopping with you and explain the importance of sticking to your weekly shopping budget so they don’t break the bank.

Tip: Encourage making a shopping list before to help avoid unnecessary purchases.

Home management.

Your child might have been able to avoid basic household chores while living at home, but now that they are on their own its non-negotiable. Mom and dad are no longer there to clean up messes. Making sure they know how to do their laundry and sanitize the bathroom will help make a difference in the quality of their living arrangements.


Start talk with your child about their independence. Teach them how to schedule doctor appointments, schedule basic car maintenance such as oil changes and basic problem-solving behaviors.

Lastly, make sure your young adult knows you’re always there to help. Knowing mom and dad are there for support makes becoming an adult less frightening.

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