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Offering a Bird’s Eye View Could Help You Sell Your Home

If you hear a buzzing noise in the sky above you it’s more likely to be a drone instead of a bee these days. Drones have been the hot new toy for several years with their amazing ability to fly high into the heavens and capture stunning aerial photography.  With recent drone approval for commercial use, tech savvy realtors and homeowners are using this new technology to get their properties noticed.

New Selling Perspectives

Drones are a great way for your home’s listing to stand out from the pack by showing off the breadth and scope of your property.  They are able to capture static shots  and videos from a whole new angle, inspiring a sense of awe about your home and creating incredibly professional images. Imagine a virtual tour of your home filmed by a drone gracefully flying from room to room instead of traditional stationary photography. Drones can even be used to show off the benefits of your home’s location by highlighting neighborhood amenities and nearby parks and schools.  The more you can capture and engage a buyer’s attention, the more likely you are to sell your property quickly.

It’s Not Just For Sellers

Getting a bird’s eye view is not just for sellers anymore. Drone use for home inspections is also becoming more commonplace. Drone’s help provide the home inspector access to rooftops, chimneys,  and other hard to reach places all while safely standing on the ground.

Drones are actually very reasonably priced, with many options under $1,000. What used to take  several hours, a professional photographer, and a helicopter can now be reproduced for much less time and money with a drone. Due to this low cost, it’s no wonder drones are being used more and more in the real estate market to list and sell homes.

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