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Love to Tailgate? Consider These Options.

Group of friends tailgating

Football season is just around the corner and for diehard fans there’s only one thing as important as the game itself – tailgating! It’s all about sharing the excitement and traditions of game day with a community of friends coupled with some fabulous feasts. Have you ever considered forgoing renting a tailgating spot each year and instead purchasing your own permanent tailgate location? If you love to tailgate and have been thinking about buying a tailgating space, here are some options.

You Can Start Small

Many tailgaters begin by purchasing a parking space near the sports arena. When you purchase a parking space you are purchasing real estate, so you will close on the property using an attorney or title agency. The land will be deeded and titled in your name. You will also be responsible for annual property taxes. Parking spaces can vary in price based on location and the amenities offered. Some gated tailgate park’s offer restrooms, access to electricity, big screen TV’s, added security, and live entertainment. Many tailgate parks also charge an annual regime fee to maintain the park.

Or Go Big

If you prefer air conditioning and a place to sleep at night when you tailgate, then you might want to consider a condominium located near your sports arena. These condominiums often cater to their uber fans with themed lobbies, exclusive gathering spaces for pregame activities, and views of the stadium, plus the convenience of walking home after the game instead of sitting in traffic. A condo would be considered a second home and financing options begin for as little as 10% down. Additional terms and conditions apply, so if a condo option fits your lifestyle consult an Ameris mortgage banker for more information.

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By: Marlene Sheard

Marlene is the mortgage marketing representative for Ameris Bank and previous sales and marketing president for her local Home Builders Association. She enjoys sharing her experiences for the buying, selling, and financing of homes.

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