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Five Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

Woman putting money in a piggy bank

Saving money doesn’t have to take a toll on your current lifestyle. Making minor changes to your routine can add up to major savings. Use these tips to help cut costs and put a little extra back into your savings account with minimal effort. 

  1. Pack your lunch. The average cost of eating out for lunch is $13.1 If you eat out three time per week that adds up to $39. Packing your lunch costs you less than half of the cost of eating out, saving you $9 per meal on average. Try limiting yourself to eating out once a week to capitalize on those savings.
  2. Make your coffee at home. We all love our morning lattes from our favorite coffee shop but  we all know what we pay for that latte, about $3-$5. Making your coffee at home and bringing it with you to the office is an easy way to stash away some extra cash.
  3. Exercise outside. Gym memberships can be expensive. The average American spends more than $50 a month on gym memberships.2 Think about your workout at the gym. If it can be accomplished by running outside or exercising at home with a video or workout app try it! This is another easy way to cut excessive spending out of your life.
  4. Plan meals in advance. Planning your meals ahead of time helps to curb those impulse buys at the grocery store, saving your wallet. Planning meals for dinner at home is also great so you have leftovers for lunch the next day. Pack lunches the night before to make it easy for you to just grab and go.
  5. Go digital. Swapping out your daily newspaper or monthly magazine subscription for a digital subscription is another great way to cut costs. Digital subscriptions are often cheaper than getting them in print form.

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