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How to Create Strong Passwords

notepad with passwords written down

Are your passwords strong enough?

When it comes to creating a password most of us look for something easy to remember or use the same password on of all our accounts. While this is convenient for us, it makes it easy for hackers to get hold of our passwords and gain access to our accounts.

These tips can help you create strong passwords to keep your accounts safe.

When it’s long it’s strong.

The longer you make your passwords the better. For passwords, at least eight to ten characters is a good rule of thumb. Make them more complex by adding uppercase letters, numbers or special characters to help stump hackers.

Make it easy to remember.

A strong password means it is long and utilizes a variety character types. To remember what your password is consider making it a phrase. Use the first letter of each word to develop your password. For example, Ameris Bank fan since 2007!, would be ABfs2007!. You can also try spelling words backwards to further protect from hackers.

Don’t use personal information.

Stay clear of using personal information such as social security numbers, telephone numbers, birthdates or pet names as passwords. These are the first things that hackers will try.

Update it regularly.

Update your passwords regularly and don’t use the same password for all your accounts. If your password is compromised for one login, the hacker will attempt to use this same password on all your other logins.

What to learn more about password protection?

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