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Behind the Banker: Meet Tim Banik

Photo of Time Banik

Tim Banik has served as a secondary pricing analyst in the bank’s Marietta, Georgia location for more than four years. He enjoys working at Ameris Bank for many reasons.

He enjoys the pricing forecasts and analysis work that he develops that helps drive the financial planning and outlook for the bank, and that ultimately helps the bank’s customers.

He is grateful for the bank’s office where he works, as his colleagues are truly supportive of one another in their personal and professional endeavors. His office also has an extra special meaning, as it is where he met his wife! To Tim, his team and managers at Ameris Bank are a loving, welcoming family.

Tim especially appreciates working for Ameris Bank, because Ameris Bank fully supports and appreciates Tim’s military service, and is very involved and committed to helping the local veteran community. Tim is proud to celebrate Veterans Day on November 11, to honor military veterans or persons who served in the United States Armed Forces. He is thankful that Ameris Bank strives to best help veterans and other military personnel with financial assistance.

Tim joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18, as he wanted to do something bigger and more important in his life. He felt that enlisting in the infantry was the right thing to do for his county.

Tim spent two deployments in Iraq while serving in the Marine Corps. Following his deployments, Tim returned to civilian life and resumed his professional duties, yet he did not feel quite like himself.

He discovered an excellent program designed to help veterans – the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program. This intensive two-week program is for veterans suffering from the emotional wounds of military service and is designed to treat conditions related to past military service. This program, part of several national organizations that provide therapy to veterans, recognizes the stress of military service and the challenges of returning to civilian life. Through funding from generous partners, the program can offer care at no cost to eligible post-9/11 veterans. Travel, lodging and meals are also provided at no cost to program participants.

Tim completed the intensive two-week program with the complete support of his family, Ameris Bank colleagues, management and leadership team. He credits this program for helping him get his life back on track and wants to share the message and importance of this program with other veterans in need of this program.

In addition to volunteering at the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program, Tim regularly speaks on the benefits of the program. He advocates for donations and funds from private organizations and companies to support the program’s efforts to continue offering support free of charge for veterans.

Tim recently received a large donation from the Wounded Warrior Project at an Atlanta Braves baseball game for his help in raising awareness of the importance of the Emory Healthcare Veterans program. Tim’s speech about the program, in front of all the stadium fans, was wonderfully memorable.

Tim’s bank colleagues and managers are proud of his continued success and work with veterans. Ameris Bank remains dedicated and supportive of programs and initiatives that help veterans and retired military personnel.

The Emory Healthcare Veterans Program helped Tim find a way to regain peace of mind and a better life. Tim now feels he is a better husband, person, employee, friend and colleague for which he is very grateful.

Tim is proud to continue helping and advocating for all veterans. In honor of Tim, and all veterans, thank a service member for their sacrifice and commitment to our country on Veteran’s Day, and every day.