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7 Ways to Prepare for MLB’s Opening Day

Baseball mitt at home plate

Calling all baseball fans! As we approach this year’s Major League Baseball Opening Day we want to make sure you are warmed up and prepared to make the most of this fun day.

Compared to other years, this year’s Major League Baseball Opening Day is happening earlier than ever. In fact, with the March 28th date set, this is the earliest opening day in league history. As all 30 teams prepare to take the field on this day, we want to share tips for fans to make the most out of this day as well.

Mark your calendar

The first thing you need to do: save the date! Set reminders on your phone to remind you at least three days before the actual date, with reminders every day leading up to the event. The first two games will begin at 1:05 p.m. ET and feature a pair of AL and NL East division rivalries between the Mets and Nationals and Orioles and Yankees.

Schedule time off work

Since opening day falls on a Thursday, be sure to schedule time to enjoy the day. Unless you have a flexible work schedule, put in those vacation-day requests now.

Find the game nearest you

If you need help locating the nearest game (or your home state doesn’t have a team in the league) visit the Major League Baseball website for more information on the schedules.Get your tickets early. This can’t be stressed enough! Opening day is a big day in the Major League Baseball world, so expect tickets to go FAST. The earlier the better, as the best seats tend to go quickly.

Text your friends

Share the fun! Get a group of friends together so you have someone to enjoy the game with. You never know, maybe this will become an annual tradition.

Host a viewing party

Unable to make it to a game? The next best option is to host a viewing party at your house. Depending on where you live and your cable provider, you may be able to watch the Major League Baseball games live. Be sure to check the blackout dates from your cable provider to insure you will be able to watch the game live, before you plan a viewing party. Also, remember to read our tips on trimming down your party-hosting expenses.

Sit back and enjoy the baseball

Most importantly, sit back and enjoy the game! As a fan of baseball, it’s your duty to enjoy the game no matter what. With all these tips in mind, you can make this opening day your most memorable one yet!

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