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5 Ways to Streamline Home Finances

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A large percentage of our income goes to managing our home. Whether it be the monthly mortgage payment, utility bills, property taxes and ongoing maintenance expenses, it’s a lot to keep track of. Follow these tips to help streamline your home finances!

Go Paperless

Most banking and bills nowadays have a paperless or e-statement option. Enrolling in e-statements is extremely helpful as it allows you to quickly and easily make payments through email prompts and never miss a deadline! To learn more about Ameris Bank e-statements, log into your online banking or visit our e-statements page.

Schedule Payments

Schedule payments for bills and utilities online whenever you can. This ensures that you never miss a payment, can help increase or maintain your credit score and keeps the clutter of paper down in the process!

Direct Deposit

Most employers offer direct deposit options. Enrolling in direct deposit not only saves you from having to file or shred your pay-stub once or twice a month but also saves you a trip to the bank to deposit your check if you choose not to use mobile deposit within mobile banking.

Utilize Apps

There is an app for everything these days, so there is likely an app for your credit card company, bank, utility companies, etc. Use these apps as often as you can to help make or schedule payments directly, while you’re on the go!

Consolidate Accounts

Have you opened accounts over the years that you do not utilize as often as you anticipated? Or maybe you’ve yet to combine accounts with your spouse? Either way, consider consolidating your accounts as much as possible to cut back on the clutter and amount you need to manage on a monthly basis.

The information voiced in this material is for general information and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.