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5 Tips to Organize Your Home Before Your Kids Go Back to School

Family in kitchen

Once again it is that time of year where neighborhood pools are deserted as school is back in session.

The time just seems to go faster and faster. You may think that after the school supply purchases are completed everything is ready to go. Unfortunately, this is not the case. From the second you wake up in the morning and hurry to get the kids out to the bus, to when your kids come home and do their assignments, organization is crucial in your family home. Get a head start on back-to-school with these simple tips to get organized and ensure an easy transition.

  1. Start with the center of the home, the kitchen.

If you kept track on how often your family is in and out of the kitchen, you would be shocked. Keeping the kitchen organized and neat will help for a smooth transition out the door every morning. Dedicate a shelf in the pantry labeled “after school snacks”, so your kids will know just where to go after school when their stomachs are grumbling.

  1. Organize the second most used room in your home, the laundry room.

While most people would argue the bathroom is the dirtiest room in their home, they forget about the amount of dirt and germs the laundry room sees on a weekly basis. Back- to-school means back to extra-curricular activities, whether its sports or after school clubs. Your laundry room is guaranteed to see more loads of laundry and more germs. Organize your laundry room with individual hampers for each member of your family. Also, consider creating a laundry schedule to avoid overload once the weekend arrives.

  1. Your bathroom needs love too.

While the kitchen is a place that a lot of time is spent your bathroom sees a fair amount of action too. Take time this year to give your bathroom and your children’s bathroom a makeover. Organize your kid’s toiletries by marking baskets for them, if you have older children, consider shelving to organize hair accessories, styling aids, makeup and many more items. A clean organized bathroom guarantees a smooth morning!

  1. Organizing your kids’ closet.

Let’s face it, the hardest part of the morning routine is getting your children out of their room quickly. Help speed up the process this year by making sure old clothes are donated or discarded, and seasonal items are on top. This will ensure a quick pain-free morning.

  1. Now that you know what to do, enjoy your organized home!

You cannot change the fact that your kids may love or hate the approaching school year, but you can change the ease of your out-the-door process. Take the time to think through your morning routine and see how these tips can help you transition from summer to school!

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.