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5 Tips for Post-Holiday Home Clean-Up

The holidays have come and gone and now your home is in need of some TLC. Use these tips to give your home a fresh start to 2018!

Tip1: Declutter

Say goodbye to unwanted gifts. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. If you can’t return a gift and won’t get use out of it consider donating it. While you’re at it, consider going through other areas of your house in search of items to donate.

Tip 2: Take down the lights.

Save yourself time next year and don’t just throw the lights into the storage container. Try wrapping the strings of lights around a piece of cardboard or wrap the lights around your hand and elbow, making a circle, and secure with inexpensive zip ties. Check out more tips and tricks for storing holiday décor here.

Tip 3: Give your oven some love.

The holidays come with an increase in cooking and baked goods. Show your oven some love and clean up those spills and baked on messes. You’ll thank yourself once spring cleaning rolls around.

Tip 4: Refresh your guest room.

If you’ve had guests over for the holidays it’s a good time to refresh those linens. Refreshing the linens now will ensure you’re not rushing to get ready for your next guest. You may even discover it’s time to replace some items. If this is the case if you can take advantage of the post-holiday sales!

Tip 5: Spend some time on the living room and dining room.

The living room and dining room are some of the most utilized rooms in the home, especially during the holidays. With all of the fun that occurred during the holiday meals and game nights, it’s a good idea to give your table top some love. If it’s wood, consider reconditioning it to leave a nice shine for the new year. Don’t forget the living room! Your sofas need care too. This is the time to remove cushions and do a serious vacuum to get all those holiday cookie crumbs.