School Spirit Program

Ameris Bank’s School Spirit Program launched in January 2014 and is a unique opportunity for schools in our communities to earn additional funds, without having to utilize a traditional fundraising method.

When any parent, faculty member, booster or supporter of a school opens an Ameris Bank Access Checking Account, Ameris Bank will then issue your school a quarterly “bonus” based on the aggregate balance of these non-interest checking accounts.

This unique fundraising opportunity also gives Ameris Bank the opportunity to give back to our schools, and help enrich the lives of our children.

School Spirit In Action

“Our school was able to create an absence-reduction initiative, funded by the School Spirit Program. Students with perfect attendance are invited to ‘Party with the Principal’ each month! From bounce houses, to dance parties, we are having fun while decreasing absences!” -Principal Tamara Morgan, Indian Creek Elementary School | Douglas, Georgia

Donations to Date

2017 | Over $77,000 donated to schools  across our Southeastern footprint.

2016 | Over $74,000 donated to schools  across our Southeastern footprint.

2015 | Over $65,000 donated to schools across our Southeastern footprint.

2014 | In the inaugural year, over $37,000 donated.

For more information on how your school can participate, contact a local Ameris Bank representative or Contact Us.