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Three Tips to Modernize Your Home

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Marlene Sheard

Take your home refreshing to a new level this spring. Whether you want to fall in love with your home all over again or encourage potential buyers to make an offer, we have some quick tips on how to polish your home to create the perfect first impression.

  • Remove heavy drapes and clean the windows.

Bulky curtains used to be fashionable. After years of use, those beautiful draperies are most likely full of dust and allergens. Refresh your windows by removing outdated floral patterns and cleaning the interior and exterior of the windows to let sunlight in. New blinds or lighter weight neutral curtains can provide necessary privacy while giving your home an up-to-date look. For older wood windows, removing the grid pattern inserts can also provide a contemporary look.

  • Update light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Older light fixtures and ceiling fans with brass accents or frosted glass can date a home and may also make a room appear smaller due to insufficient lighting. Consider replacing outdated fixtures with new LED lights or strategize lamp placement to make the room feel brighter and more welcoming. LED fixtures are proven to last longer and are also more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. For a budget friendly fix, consider painting your existing light fixture with a modern shade or replacing just the light kit on the ceiling fan instead of the whole fan.

  • Add tech friendly outlets with USB ports.

Newer homes are full of high-tech gadgets and those devices need to be charged. Instead of overloading outlets or adding power strips around the room, consider swapping out your existing outlet with a modern outlet that has USB ports. These outlets come with two AC outlets and two USB outlets, so you won’t lose any of the functionality you had before. When dealing with electricity, it is always best to consult an electrician before attempting any electrical repairs or upgrades.


By: Marlene Sheard

Marlene is a mortgage marketing representative for Ameris Bank and previous sales and marketing president for her local Home Builders Association. She enjoys sharing her experiences for the buying, selling, and financing of homes.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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