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The Powerful Peanut

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Christa Robbins

Every bite of food we eat has a story behind it. In Georgia, the story of the peach has dominated. The state’s symbol is evident on license plates and quarters, and it was once even encapsulated on a giant pole along I-75 near Byron, Georgia. The lesser-known nickname of Georgia, however, is the Goober State. Georgia is the number one peanut-producing state in the U.S., accounting for nearly half of the nation’s goobers, or peanuts.

Despite its lesser status in the state of Georgia, the peanut has some accolades that few other crops have attained. For instance, two U.S. presidents were once peanut farmers – Thomas Jefferson of Virginia and Jimmy Carter of Georgia. And while the peanut thrives in the sandy soils and subtropical climate of the Southeast, the little legume managed to make its way to moon in 1971 thanks to Astronaut Alan Shepard.

At Ameris Bank, all agricultural products are celebrated, but peanuts and cotton take up the lion’s share of our ag business. After fall’s harvest, farmers will start preparing for another plentiful season of peanuts and other products. Luckily, our roots are in agriculture, and we have a team of experts ready to help all agribusinesses with anything from land and equipment financing to capital improvements or operating costs.

Thanks to our team of dedicated farmers, shelves will be stocked for National Peanut Day on September 13. Even if you reign from the Peach State, it’s worth giving the goober a second chance using these classic recipes:

Cajun Boiled Peanuts

Add some spice to this southern snack! There are dozens of recipes available, but we enjoy this easy recipe for crockpot cajun boiled peanuts.

Grilled PB&J

Step up your sandwich game! Try this twist on the classic PB&J to impress and indulge your children.

Peanut Brittle

This sweet and salty treat is always a family favorite, and this recipe for peanut brittle will surely please every peanut-enthusiast.


Christa Robbins is the social media specialist for Ameris Bank. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Bradford, and their two dogs. She enjoys walking her dogs, going to the movies and cheering on her favorite football teams.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Ameris Bank does not endorse nor is affiliated with the companies listed in this article.