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Support Small Businesses during Covid-19

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Your favorite pizza stop, cupcake cafe and small mom-and-pop shops are feeling the strain from the coronavirus pandemic. Spread some goodwill and help keep their businesses afloat with small gestures like these:

Order Delivery

You may not be able to hang out with your friends at your favorite lunch spot, but you can get the chicken parmesan or cheesecake that you love through delivery. Many restaurants are offering specials for home delivery or curbside pickup, where you order online or by phone and they bring the order out to your car.

Tip Well

The cashier at the pizza parlor, the cooks preparing your food at your favorite brunch spot and the delivery driver are putting themselves out there to serve you your takeaway while keeping a small business alive. Be generous with your tips.

Buy a Gift Card

Believe it or not, Mother's Day, your best friend's birthday and other milestones you usually celebrate are still happening. Show you care with a gift card from their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. The small business will appreciate your dollars, and your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness. You can also support your favorite small business by buying a gift card now to use later, which gives them crucially needed dollars and offers something for you to look forward to when social distancing is lifted.

Do Some Online Shopping

Find out if your local bookstore, dress shop or art supply warehouse offers online shopping. Many perks like free shipping, discounts and curbside pickup are available to entice loyal customers to continue to shop.

Don't Ask for a Refund

If the play at the community theater or the workshop at the arts nonprofit were cancelled, they are probably still struggling to pay production costs. Instead of asking for a refund, consider donating the price of your ticket back to the organization.

Give a Good Review

Think about all of the favorite shops and eateries in your community that you always meant to give a good online review to, but never had the time. Check out their pages on sites like Google and Yelp and show them some love. Follow it up by sharing their takeout menus on your social media pages.

Find Local Online Entertainment

Local bands, artists and independent musicians are suffering from canceled gigs and bookings. Find them online, where many creatives are sharing their work through social media, give them a positive comment and share the link with your friends.

Conduct Business Online

Your lawyer, therapist, yoga instructor and child's music teacher may be offering services through online video chats. Check with the businesses that you work with to see if they offer online conferencing or services that you can access through your phone or computer.

Share Your Expertise

If you are a marketing consultant, website developer, graphic designer or social media expert, offer to lend your expertise to a local business having a hard time getting the word out about their services. You will build goodwill and perhaps pave the way to a new client with your good deed.

Thank a Hero

Support the personnel and front-line healthcare workers at your local clinic or hospital by sending over some food. Many are so overworked they forget to eat or don't have time to stop for a meal. Band together with community members or friends to have pizza, sandwiches, individual meals or sweet treats delivered. You will support a local business by throwing some much-needed dollars their way, and show our local heroes how much we appreciate them.

Find positive ways to help the small businesses and helpers in our community. During these unprecedented times, we’re all in this together.


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.