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Social Media for Small Businesses: The Three Cs

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Jessie Riley

Social media has become an integral part of marketing for business owners. Did you know 77% of small businesses use social media to promote their business? 

It may be hard to believe there was ever a time when social media didn’t play a role in business. Today, many business owners use social media as a dedicated marketing tactic for little to no cost.

But what if social media marketing doesn’t come naturally to you? With so much noise online, it can be difficult to know where to get advice. We’re here to help you cut through that noise with the three Cs to success when using social media.


Social media is more than just a place for you to share your work, it’s a space to build a community through common interests.
Focus on building connections with your followers first, before trying to make a sale. If you lift the veil to show your followers that your company is authentic and more than just a logo and a tagline, you’ll likely have more luck making a sale or gaining more followers organically.

Takeaway: What sort of things do you have in common with your audience? Family, dogs, hobbies? Use these common interests as ideas for social media posts or to incorporate into the graphics you use.


Engagement with your audience is just as important as growing your following. Part of the authenticity we mentioned earlier means taking the time to have a conversation with your followers. Talking with them and not at them will increase the engagement of your social posts. It will also allow your posts to rank higher in social media feeds.

Takeaway: Jumpstart conversations by asking questions in your social posts or using engaging call-to-action phrases such as:

  • Double tap if…
  • Comment below…
  • Use emojis to describe…


When it comes to content, focus on quality over quantity. Posting 20 times a day is great, but it doesn’t matter if 1) no one enjoys your content or 2) no one sees your content. Quality content will result in engaging content (see above), which will result in higher visibility overall. You should aim to create content that others want to like, share or comment on. The algorithms of each social channel are different but for most platforms, more engaging content appears higher in feeds and therefore is seen more often. This is a win for your brand.

Takeaway: Tell your company’s story! Who are you? How did your business get its start? What does your company stand for? You know your company better than anyone, so this type of content should be the most natural for you to create.

By: Jessie Riley

Jessie Riley, social media specialist at Ameris Bank, is driven by a passion for tech and its influence on social engagement. When she isn’t amid content creation, she enjoys spending time with her family, golfing, good food and better wine. Connect with Jessie on LinkedIn!