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Refreshing Finds from the Watermelon Capital of the World

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Christa Robbins

Nothing says summer like the arrival of sweet, juicy watermelons in supermarkets, but for one small rural town, watermelons appear all over - in acres and acres of land across Cordele and Crisp County. “Crisp” is the perfect name for the region credited with producing the crispiest, juiciest and sweetest melons since a 1991 taste off against rivals from Hempstead, Texas, and Hope, Arkansas.

The hot, dry nights in this area of the country have always be fruitful for Crisp County. Since 1949, Cordele has hosted the Watermelon Festival, the oldest festival in the state of Georgia. The event brings thousands of visitors from all over the southeast to the city, and the economic impact of the melon to the Crisp area is in the millions.

As residents of the Watermelon Capital of the World, our friends from Cordele are the experts at making the most of the melon. However, if you’re not lucky enough to live in this area of our footprint, we’ve picked a few of our favorite ideas for celebrating this refreshing fruit. Don’t forget - National Watermelon Day is August 3!


Make Kabobs with the Kids

Involve the kids in the kitchen - no heat required! Pick out your favorite cookie cutter and turn watermelon slices into works of art. Skewer the cutouts next to blueberries or grapes for a tasty treat.

Create a Melon Masterpiece

Have a little fun with your fruit! Watermelons and pumpkins belong to the same plant family, so try carving a watermelon into a silly smiling face or a beautiful serving bowl. We’re also partial to this watermelon piggy.

Host a Seed Spitting Contest

A simple yet effective seed spitting contest will keep your kids engaged for hours. Mark the starting line on your yard using masking tape or a yard stick and set out a bowl of watermelon slices. This game will ensure your children eat a healthy serving of fruit!

Toss a Sweet Salad

This refreshing fruit salad is essential for summer cookouts. Feta, avocado, mint and lime create the perfect balance of sweet and savory that can be served alongside burgers, hotdogs or barbeque.

Drink a Summer Treat

Watermelons are 95% water, but you can demand more from your drink. Try this two-ingredient recipe for watermelon limeade that’s both cool and refreshing – perfect for picnics or pool days!


Christa Robbins is the social media specialist for Ameris Bank. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Bradford, and their two dogs. She enjoys walking her dogs, going to the movies and cheering on her favorite football teams.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Ameris Bank does not endorse nor is affiliated with the companies listed in this article.