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Protect Your Pet and Your Home this Holiday Season

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Marlene Sheard

Holidays are the busiest time of the year for pet adoptions. Taking time to prepare your home for the  arrival of your new pet can help make the adjustment easier on your pet and your wallet. If this holiday season brings the pitter patter of little paws into your life, check out these tips to protect them and your largest investment – your home.

Establish a home base for your pet. 

Your pet will need a space to call their own when they move in. Setting aside an area in your home for your pet will help them acclimate to their new home. Be sure to clear the area of any unsafe items they can get into such as electrical cords or cleaning supplies. Consider tamper resistant lids for trash cans and food storage bins. Provide a bed, and maybe even a crate, for a comfortable place for sleeping and relaxing. Establishing your pet’s space before move-in can also help with obedience training as well as protect your carpets from accidents. 

Provide them with plenty of toys.

New puppies and kittens are bundles of energy. Play time can provide much needed exercise, reduce anxiety, and help you bond with your pet. Pet friendly toys can also help them focus their chewing and scratching, so they do not destroy your furniture and wood trim. To keep your house neat and tidy, a basket can be used to store the toys. Dogs can even be trained to return toys to their basket after playtime is over. 

Watch for dangers outside as well as inside.

New pets love to explore their surroundings. Be sure to check windows, doors, and screens to ensure their explorations keep them from wandering away from home. Outside fencing offers a safe area for your dog to run and play as well as protecting flower beds, gardens, or unsafe areas from entrance and unwanted digging. For additional pet friendly yard tips, click here


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