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Ameris Bank

Soon we will add a new chapter to Ameris Bank’s solid legacy. We are excited to announce our plans to update our brand, with a new look and feel that will better represent our new size and scope. As you know, Ameris Bank recently merged with Fidelity Bank in July, and now we have more than $16 billion in assets and the largest deposit market share in Atlanta among community banks headquartered in Atlanta.

Our look is changing, but our name – Ameris Bank – will remain the same. Customers and community partners can expect to see new brand elements begin to roll out starting in September. Our updated look will continue to use our red, white and blue colors, and we will adopt a lion, which will be a renewed iteration of the Fidelity Bank lion. (Sneak peek in the header image at the top of this post!)

Ameris Bank’s CEO H. Palmer Proctor, Jr, shared, “As we enter this exciting new chapter in our bank’s history, we want to refresh our brand to reflect our commitment to banking beyond convention. We recognize and appreciate the existing legacies for both Ameris and Fidelity, and our job now is to build upon those to create a more recognizable brand and serve our customers even better.”

Our new look will introduce a bolder, sharper tone and image to illustrate our position in the financial industry as well as our no-nonsense approach to helping our customers achieve financial peace of mind.


  • Dynamic: energetic and passionate
  • Lionhearted: bold and resolute
  • Unconventional: creative and outside the ordinary
  • Relational: genuine and approachable

In September, we will share our new logo with our customers and communities. Then, we will immediately begin updating branch signage, ATMs, electronic banking services and our website. While our appearance will change, our customers’ accounts, loans, and banking access will not be affected. More so, we will always stand resolute by our values, our commitment to exceptional customer service, and our relentless pursuit to find solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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