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Maintain Control with Ameris Bank Mobile App Card Controls

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Do you need help controlling your spending or sticking to a budget? Are you a parent who wants to help their children learn to manage money? Want to protect yourself from fraud? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should utilize the card controls that are found within the Ameris Bank Personal Banking Mobile App!

Location Controls

You control where your card can be used. Select a region to use your debit card and block international usage. This can help protect yourself from potential fraud.

Transaction Types

This setting allows you to select or deselect transaction types such as instore, e-commerce, phone orders and more. This feature can also help protect yourself from fraud, since the more you limit the transaction types, the less likely it is for someone to be able to steal your personal information.

Merchant Types

Specify the types of merchants where the card can be used, such as department stores, gas stations, grocery stores and more. Need to control your spending while on vacation or during the holidays? Just turn this control on and off to help your budgeting. It also helps protects you from fraud.

Threshold Amount

Working on setting a budget or sticking to one? This feature lets you set maximum amounts for debit card usage. Also, if you are a parent whose child just received their first debit card, this feature can help you teach your child money management tips while maintaining their budget. Also, if your card is ever stolen or compromised, spending limits may help minimize loss from fraud.

Turn Your Card “On” and “Off”

Turn your card on and off for an additional layer of protection. Anytime your card is off, transactions will not be processed.

From within our Personal Mobile Banking App, you can find the card controls by clicking the “More” icon in the bottom right corner and then selecting “Card Controls” from the menu. Your card(s) will be listed so you can select the card you wish to add controls. After you select the correct card, you will see the list of control options.

Don’t have our Personal Mobile Banking App? Click here to get started.

Reviewed August 1, 2022

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