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How to Throw an Award-Winning Oscars Party

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Movie lovers, rejoice. It's award season and time to throw the Oscars party your friends will talk about all year. Whether it's a high-fashion affair or a low-key hangout, here are some low-cost tips to put together an award-winning party, so that your budget stays intact and you have a great time.

Send Invitations
You don't need an engraved invitation for a memorable party. Create a free digital invite on Evite, or simply use email or text to send a message with dramatic flair.

Dress It Up
Invite your guests to dress up in their most lavish red carpet wear to create fun photo opportunities. Have a costume contest for the most creative ensemble or pick a themed decade like the Golden Age of Hollywood, Summer of Love ‘60s or colorful ‘80s for costume inspiration. Try a combination of fun and high fashion with a black tie and blue jeans affair.

Create the Scene
Turn your living room into a glam movie set with lots of glitz. Use balloons and streamers in shiny gold and silver, black and white. Keep the color theme going with tablecloths, paper plates and coordinating cups. Set up a photo wall or make an oversized frame for a photo backdrop. Make a Hollywood Walk of Fame to your front door with the names of your party guests written on paper stars. Create a playlist of Academy Award winning songs to set the mood before the show starts.

Award-Winning Menu
Have a potluck and invite your friends to contribute their favorite party dish. Kick it up a notch by having them name their dish after a favorite actor or movie, like The Godfather's Meatballs or Harry Potter's Magic Potion Punch.

Hand Out Awards
An Oscars party is not complete without awards. Make up ballot sheets and hand out prizes to the guests who guess the most winners. Dig up some Oscars trivia questions, create a bingo game or come up with your own awards for the best party dish, the biggest plate of food, or the most outlandish costume.

Bid Goodbye in Style
Oscar parties scream a need for swag bags. Create your own as parting gifts for your friends. Start with inexpensive gold bags and fill them with chocolate kisses and other fun items that fit the personality of your group.

Set the scene for your Oscars party and be the talk of the season.


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