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Crush Summertime Boredom with Classic Activities

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Christa Robbins

The official start of summer is still a month away, but you may already be sweating the thought of potentially more hours indoors with already-antsy children. Some states are relaxing stay-at-home orders, but the neighborhood pool you rely on may remain shut -- plus it’s hard to swim at an acceptable social distance.

So how can you beat the heat this summer? Your situation may look different from last season, but these family-friendly activities never go out of style.

Decorate Your Driveway

Grab some sidewalk chalk and bring that dull driveway to life. Challenge your children to draw a self-portrait, play hopscotch or even practice sight words. Simply write a word in white and have your kids trace over it in any color. With enough colors and enough practice, they will create rainbow words!

Search the Stars

Look up from your phones and set your sights higher. Don’t worry, you still can use technology to your advantage. Download a stargazing app like SkyView Lite to find stars, constellations and even the International Space Station.

Visit a Museum Virtually

Enjoy a night at the museum during an evening at home. Thanks to the virtual collections of many famous museums, including the Smithsonian National Museum on National History, the MET, the Louvre and Space Center Houston, you and your family can explore and learn from exhibitions all around the world.

Bond in the Backyard

Cook up s’more quality family fun in your own backyard. Pitch a tent and pretend you’re camping in the Great Smokies but with better amenities. Hang string lights to cast an ambiance fit for ghost stories or catch your own light by chasing lightning bugs. End the evening with an outdoor screening of your favorite movie. If you don’t have a screen, simply hang a white sheet or a canvas drop cloth.

Just Add Water

When in doubt, just add water! Set up the sprinkler, load the water guns and let the games begin. Instead of water balloons, opt for large sponges to save yourself the trouble of picking up pieces of rubber for hours or even days after the “water war.”

You also can use sponges for a game. Start by setting up two buckets, one at each end of your yard. Fill one with water. On the other, use masking tape to mark a line. Challenge two teams to soak sponges from the bucket full of water. Players must run with the sponges over their heads to the empty bucket to squeeze out the water. The first team to fill the empty bucket to the marked line wins!

Freeze Some Fun

Finally, after a long day in sun, cool off the kids with a popsicle or two. Try this recipe for ocean blue lemonade pops that are next best thing to being at the beach.



Christa Robbins is the social media specialist for Ameris Bank. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Bradford and their two dogs. She enjoys walking her dogs, going to the movies and cheering on her favorite football teams.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Ameris Bank does not endorse nor is affiliated with the companies listed in this article.