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Cheap Deals in September: What to Buy Now

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September is the month to bid farewell to summer and say hello to back-to-school, football season, and the fall. It’s also the time to say hello to great bargains on end-of-season merchandise and clearance items. Here are some good deals to check out: 


Swimsuits, pool toys, gas grills, barbecue tools and patio furniture need to be cleared out to make room for fall inventory. Look for clearance sales that continue to be discounted as the month goes on. 


Next year’s new models have been released, but this year’s model is still on the showroom floor. If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned car, head to your local dealership or check out your local newspaper for notice of special sales and offers like low or 0% financing deals, reduced down payments or heavily discounted prices. 


Labor Day sales usually bring deep discounts on mattresses and box springs. Look for coupons in your local newspapers and for sales events at mattress retailers, department stores and discount stores. 


The introduction of new models and the latest and greatest in technology typically bring on sales events for older models. Check with your phone carrier for specials to upgrade to the new model or take advantage of sales on an older model or visit your local department store or retailers for discounted deals. 


That plane ticket home to visit family for the holidays could be cheaper in September. Airfare for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s typically rise in October and November. Look for the best discounts about eight weeks before your departure date. 


If a higher-end bike is on your wish list, September is a good time to check prices. New bike models typically come out this month, so older models will see a slash in price to move them out of inventory. 


The large appliance industry, which includes washers, dryers, dishwashers and stoves, will typically release models for the upcoming year in the fall. Because trends don’t change very quickly for home appliances, you could snap up a terrific deal on this year’s model. 


Fill in your garden with summer flowers, trees and shrubs that are now going on sale to make way for fall foliage and holiday greenery. Look for clearance prices on colorful annuals that you can still enjoy for a few weeks and discounts on perennials and landscaping supplies. 


Once kids hit the classroom, the prices on school supplies will hit rock bottom. Stock up on art items for your own craft closet, buy office and school supplies you will need throughout the year or look for bargains on technology like computers and printers. 

Take advantage of end-of-season clearance sales as retailers clear their shelves for fall and holiday merchandise. 


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Ameris Bank does not endorse nor is affiliated with the companies listed in this article.