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An Intern’s Experience at Ameris Bank

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Ameris Bank

July 29 is National Intern Day! What better way to celebrate than to highlight one of our recent interns, now a full-time treasury implementation analyst, Will Redding.

At Ameris Bank, we believe in helping the next generation learn important skills they may need for future occupations. Ameris Bank Director of Learning and Development Jennifer Garizio shares, “We know the importance of teammates feeling connected and inspired through long-lasting and meaningful colleague relationships. This is true for our interns, as it is so important to nurture, teach and set-up young workers for success.”

Read Treasury Implementation Analyst Will Redding’s experience as an intern before he joined Ameris as a full-time teammate.

“After two consecutive summers interning with Ameris Bank, I was given the opportunity to join Ameris Bank’s treasury services team as a treasury implementation analyst. As I began training with my manager and working with other team members, I recognized many of the programs and systems from my experiences as an intern. Being familiar with these systems before training was a huge advantage and fast-tracked the onboarding process.

The internship also exposed me to the inner workings of bank branches, as I was able to perform basic bank teller duties including learning to scan checks for digital imaging. One of my new job’s responsibilities is assisting customers in the setup and use of their Remote Business Deposit (RBD) check scanners. Scanning checks during my internship is the same task performed by our customers who use RBD check scanners. Having the hands-on experience during my internship has made it significantly easier for me to now assist our customers.  

My Ameris Bank internship experience broadened my knowledge of Ameris Bank companywide and of the industry. It gave me in-depth knowledge of the various departments across the bank, and exposed me to the expected work ethic and professionalism found throughout the banking industry. I gained a greater understanding of complicated industry terminology, and also learned how to prioritize the customer’s experience while also following corporate and industry guidelines. I spent time speaking with Ameris executives, assisting personal bankers in their daily tasks, shadowing underwriters in the mortgage department, and learning from dozens of other division experts.

As an intern, I gained experiences, knowledge and professional guidance, which help position me for success."


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