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Ameris Bank Completes Legal Merger with Fidelity Bank

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Ameris Bank

In December of last year, Ameris Bank announced its plan to merge with Fidelity Bank headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia. This announcement marked the beginning of an incredible new chapter in the history of both Ameris Bank and Fidelity Bank. We are pleased to share that Fidelity Bank has merged with Ameris Bank. We look forward to their transition to Ameris Bank’s systems and signage in November of this year.

The culture and banking philosophies of Ameris Bank and Fidelity Bank are in sync—we are like-minded community banks with similar core values, a passion for excellent customer service and a belief in the power of our communities. At this time, customers will not notice any changes. Fidelity Bank will continue to operate normally, as a division of Ameris Bank. Our customers remain our number one priority, and we are making every effort to minimize any impact they may feel.

We welcome Fidelity Bank customers and colleagues to the Ameris Bank family! As we begin this exciting new chapter, below are some important things we would like our Fidelity Bank customers to know:

  • Access will not be interrupted. Customers are to continue to bank as normal. Fidelity Bank customers are to continue using their Fidelity Bank branches, checks, debit cards, credit cards, ATMs, online and mobile banking. At this time, Fidelity Bank accounts, loans, pricing, terms and conditions remain unchanged. All mortgage loans currently in process, and the timing and instruction for making any Fidelity Bank loan payments, will continue as normal.
  • Continue to contact your local representative or branch with account questions or concerns. Fidelity Bank’s operating systems, accounts, services and signage will transition to Ameris Bank in November 2019. In September, Fidelity Bank customers will receive more information in preparation of this transition. Until the transition occurs in November, Fidelity Bank account assistance is only available at Fidelity Bank locations.
  • Our goal is to make the transition to Ameris Bank a smooth one. Ameris Bank and Fidelity Bank will keep all our customers fully informed well before any changes occur. We ask that Fidelity Bank customers ensure their mailing address, phone number and email address are up to date, so we can reach you with valuable communication.

Do you have accounts at both Ameris Bank and Fidelity Bank? FDIC Deposit Insurance is $250,000 per depositor per ownership category. However, if you currently hold accounts at both Fidelity Bank and Ameris Bank and the combined total deposits exceed $250,000 per ownership category, you are subject to the special FDIC insurance rule. This rule indicates that because of the transition of the Fidelity Bank branches, deposits will be considered separately insured, as if the two banks are still operating separately, for at least six months and possibly longer for certificates of deposits (CD). For more information about FDIC insurance coverage please contact us or visit

To learn more about the financial aspects of our merger with Fidelity Bank, please click HERE or visit the investor relations portion of our website to find the financial press release and SEC filing. Customers may call Fidelity Bank at 404.248.LION (5466) or the Ameris Bank Customer Care Center at 866.616.6020 with questions or concerns. For all account inquiries, Fidelity customers should continue to contact their Fidelity Bank representative.

Again, welcome Fidelity Bank customers and colleagues!