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5 Piping Hot Tips to Save Money on Coffee

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Mandi Gilbert

It’s one of the top three most recognizable smells. It’s the second most traded product in the world. It’s something that most of us have a cup of every day. It’s coffee.

Some people rely on coffee for the extra burst of caffeine, and some simply enjoy the flavor. To many, coffee is a morning ritual, and to others it soothes stress. No matter which type of coffee drinker you are, we’ve got your back (and your taste buds!) with tips on how to enjoy your cup of joe while protecting your wallet.


1. Brew coffee at home.

It seems like an obvious statement, but 36% of coffee drinkers buy coffee outside of the home, which adds up quickly! Depending on your tastes, a home coffee maker could save you $3-$5 per day. Even if you prefer gourmet or premium expressos, a home coffee maker will pay for itself quickly.


2. Ice it up.

Brew too much? If you make too much coffee at one time, don’t toss it! Instead, freeze it! Fill up ice cube trays with your extra as way to kickstart your next cup of ice coffee or cool your piping hot cup.


3. Make your own creamer or foam.

Half the fun of ordering coffee from a cafe, is the endless options and fancy accoutrements. You can have the fun at home with minimal effort. DIY creamers are not only less expensive than store-bought options, but without the preservatives and additives, they are healthier as well.

Creamer recipes are easy to find online, but here’s a simple one we found with only three ingredients.

Don’t stop at creamer. There are also several ways to create foam for your at-home latte. We found a video that shares three easy ways to get your home foam party started. 


4. Take advantage of coffee loyalty programs.

If making coffee at home isn’t your cup of tea (or joe), make sure you take advantage of rewards and bonus points. Many big box coffee shops offer rewards programs within their apps. This allows you to earn free coffee when you make purchases.

Your local coffee house may not have an app but ask about loyalty cards and perks for regulars!


5. Explore the coffee condiment station.

Most coffee shops upcharge for every pump, drizzle and add-in. When you visit the café, try ordering a basic cup of coffee and experimenting with the cream, sugar and powders that are offered at the complimentary condiment station. Create a personal favorite and save a few dollars on your order!

Better latte than never! No matter how you take your coffee, it’s never too late to learn tips to save money.


By: Mandi Gilbert

Mandi Gilbert is the advertising and promotions manager at Ameris Bank. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband, James, and their two young sons. She enjoys family time, creative writing, relaxing walks, and indulging in her guilty pleasure, reality tv.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.