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We get it. You want to bank on the go, but you also want to protect yourself. Our digital banking tools keep banking easy, convenient and secure so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

Safety Steps

One of the most important things you can do to bank safely online is to monitor your accounts often.

  • Download our mobile app. Check your account balance from anywhere. 
  • Contact us if you see a suspicious transaction. If you notice a strange charge or unusual activity, contact us immediately at 866-616-6020. 
  • Set up alerts. Keep tabs on account activity by creating custom alerts.
  • Don’t rely on paper checks. Checks can be forged, and mail can be stolen. Sign up for Online Bill Pay or transfer money with Zelle
  • Enroll in E-statements. Access important documents within our online banking system and its enhanced security features. 

Control how, when and where your debit card is used. With Card Controls, you can: 

  • Turn your card on or off. Turn your Ameris Bank Debit Card on and off for an additional layer of protection. Anytime your card is off, transactions will not be processed. 
  • Set transaction controls. Control where your card can be used. Select a region to use your debit card and block international usage.  
  • Set spending limits. Set maximum amounts for debit card usage. 
  • Get real-time alerts. Receive real-time alerts on your phone every time your card is used. Also, if you are a parent whose child just received their first debit card, this feature can help you teach your child money management tips while maintaining their budget. 
  • Prevent fraud. Select or deselect transaction types such as instore, e-commerce, phone orders and more. 





Lost/Stolen Debit/Credit Card: 

Call 800-236-2442 to report a lost or stolen Ameris Bank Debit Card. Call 877-334-0460 and select option 2 to report a lost or stolen Ameris Bank Credit Card.

Suspicious Email/Possible Fraudulent Activity:

Contact Ameris Bank at 866-616-6020 and file a customer complaint with the FTC. If you believe your personal information has been compromised, immediately contact Ameris Bank.

Preventing Fraud in Personal Banking

Enjoy peace of mind when banking with these tips and tools to help prevent fraud.

We've Got Your Back

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