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Cash Value Life Insurance Line of Credit

A smart way to borrow.

The Cash Value Life Insurance Line of Credit is a great resource for personal and business opportunities. Home renovations? Business opportunities? The cash value in your whole life insurance policy can be used as collateral offering attractive benefits.


Details Include

  • Quick and easy application process
  • $65,000 minimum Line of Credit
  • Up to 7 Year Term
  • Whole Life Only
  • Credit Line up to 95% of the current, collective cash value
  • Interest-only payments made monthly based on outstanding balance
  • Access to LOC via checkbook
  • No origination fee1





Traditional Loan from Insurance Company

Multiple policies as collateral for a single line or loan Yes No
Maintain full dividend schedule Yes Varies
Online access to account activity Yes No
Immediate access to funds (once line of credit is in place) Yes No
Access funds using a checkbook (without any dollar restrictions) Yes No
Potentially tax deductible Yes2 Varies



The standard maximum is 95% of the collective cash values, of all whole life policies. 
As of the date of this document, the interest rate is a variable rate and is based on the Wall Street Prime rate of 8.50%. For lines of credit that are from $65,000 - $249,999, the APR will be Prime rate less 0.50%. For lines of credit amounts that are $250,000 - $1MM, the APR will be Prime rate less 1.00%. For lines of credit amounts that are $1MM+, the APR will be Prime rate less 1.25%. The APR may vary monthly based on Wall Street Prime Interest Rate. The loan floor APR will not go below 3.50%.3
While Ameris Bank does not offer tax- or legal-related advice, interest potentially may be deductible depending on how the proceeds are used. Consult your CPA or tax advisor.
In most cases funds are available from your line of credit in two to three weeks. Following the loan closing, the executed assignments are filed with the life insurance company for recording. Confirmation of the recorded assignment(s) showing  Ameris Bank’s position as first and only assignee, and verification of standard policy information must be provided by the insurance company, prior to advancing funds.
Access funds from your line of credit by writing a check or transferring funds to your Ameris Bank checking account online.
  1. A completed Ameris Bank Personal Financial Statement. 
  2. Current written statements detailing ownership and cash value information of the life insurance policies offered as collateral.
  3. A consumer loan application is also required when the line of credit will be used for personal expenses.
  4. A trust loan application and business trust documents are required when the line of credit is to be opened for an entity
For line amounts over $2 million, further documentation is required. If you have questions about the documents that you need, we’re here to walk you through the process.4
You’ll appreciate our streamlined process and the friendly, responsive service.
Closing a Cash Value Line of Credit is extremely straightforward and easy. Contact us for your payoff amount. When we receive your payoff, we’ll contact the insurance company to release the assignment(s). There is no cost or fee assessed for terminating a Cash Value Line of Credit at any time during the relationship.
Yes, Ameris Bank has originated Cash Value Life Insurance Line of Credit for over a decade. Over this time, the product has been refined, with a major emphasis on adding value to financial advisors and their clients.

Financial products made available or recommended by Ameris Bank that are not bank deposits are not insured by FDIC; are not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by Ameris Bank; and are Subject to investments risks, including possible loss of principal amount of invested. For questions about consumer banking needs, please consult your banker for more details.

1Loans executed in Florida may be subject to Documentary Stamp Tax. 
2Please consult your tax advisor to determine deductibility in your case.
3APRs and floor APRs are subject to change without notice. Wall Street Journal Prime Rate 8.50% (APR of 8.50%) as of 07/27/2023.
4Cash Value Life Insurance Line of Credit requests are subject to normal underwriting and credit approval criteria.