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Employee Resource Groups

At Ameris Bank, we are stronger because of our team members varying perspectives. Our employee resource groups bring teammates from across our organization together to discuss and sponsor programs and activities that foster diversity and inclusion education and awareness.


Listening, Learning, Growing

Our employees make the difference. We are proud to support our teammates with networking, resources and forums to connect.


WomEn in Banking

The Women in Banking Resource Group is designed as an opportunity for women to develop and grow both personally and professionally. The group channels women’s unique experiences and talents and supports opportunities for women that lead to advanced level leadership positions. Women in Banking champions gender balance that has a positive impact on our company.

The Women in Banking Employee Resource Group is led by Regional Area Manager Brenda Harris and Branch Manager Kena Ceasar.

Pride and Allies (LGTBQIA+)

The Pride and Allies Employee Resource Group ensures that all teammates feel welcomed, fully accepted and included. This group champions inclusiveness, so that everyone is comfortable in bringing their whole selves to work.

The Pride and Allies Employee Resource Group is led by Retail Support Center Specialist Richard Isabu.

The Place (BIPOC)

The Place Employee Resource Group supports the development of pathways into leadership roles for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) teammates. The group makes connections with local community efforts that build awareness and provide support and encourages the recruitment of BIPOC employees through internship programs and scholarships.

The Place Employee Resource Group is led by Accounts Payable Manager Lisa Miles and Regional VP Community Development Manager Brandon Sherman.

GenUnited (Multigenerational)

The GenUnited Employee Resource Group gives a voice to better understand, appreciate and collaborate across generations. It serves as a platform to raise issues, provide opportunities and share experiences and ideas based on unique generational perspectives. The group promotes leadership opportunities, inspires professional development and encourages mentorship and networking to build relationships across diverse groups.

The GenUnited Employee Resource Group is led by HR Business Partner Jordan Adams and Learning and Development Director Jennifer Garizio.​

Indispensables (Caregivers)

The Indispensable Employee Resource Group supports the growth, engagement and empowerment of leaders so they can effectively lead teams and drive performance, while also supporting the needs of those they care for. The group works to ensure all employees feel safe and comfortable requesting time away from work to care for a loved one and is working to develop programs that will meet the needs and challenges of caregiving family blending.

The Indispensable Employee Resource Group is led by Mortgage Banker Pat Powers and Regional Area Manager Bridgette Prise.

Minds Matter: Support withOut Stigma (Mental Health)

The Minds Matter Employee Resource Group works to ensure our community of teammates feel connected and supported by fellow colleagues and with peers who share common experiences. The members of this resource group encourage leaders to speak out in support of mental health, work to normalize talking about mental health in the workplace and support local mental health causes.

The Minds Matter Employee Resource Group is led by Mortgage Banker Jack Hanrahan, Market President Bill Lutes and Branch Manager Lesa Nix-Mack.