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Electronic Records Disclosure

Enrolling in online banking requires you to agree to receive certain information and disclosures electronically.


What You Should Know

To enroll for Online Banking you must agree to receive certain information and disclosures electronically prior to enrollment. You have the right to withdraw consent to receiving information electronically by making written request to Ameris Bank, Attn: Deposit Operations, P.O. Box 105075, Atlanta, GA 30348. If you withdraw consent to receive information electronically you will not be able to use Online Banking. The following information will be provided by electronic communication:

  • Consumer Online Banking Service Agreement with Electronic Funds Transfer Act disclosure
  • Ameris Bank’s Statement of Privacy Principles
  • Notices of changes to any of the agreements listed above
  • Balance, Activity, and other information on accounts
  • Inquiries or notices to you about transactions made using Online Banking and or Bill pay.
  • Inquiries or notices to your concerning resolution of any claimed error on your periodic statements.

To obtain a free copy of any of the Agreements or Disclosures in paper form: (a) print the agreements or documents from the screen during enrollment; (b) go to and print the document; (c) send a written request to Ameris Bank at the address listed above listing the specific documents requested; or, (d) come to any Ameris Bank office and request a specific document.

This consent applies to any and all accounts you access through Online Banking and to any and all accounts you apply for using Online Banking. This consent also applies to any Stop Payments you initiate on-line.


Revised on 02/22/2021