Why Ameris Bank

When you have a lot of banking options to choose from, why come to us? It all begins with our strength and commitment. You need a bank that’s here for the long haul, one that prioritizes its commitment to customers, communities and colleagues. This is Ameris.



The lion is the universal symbol of strength and courage; pride and fierce determination. It is a representation of taking bold steps and diverging from the pack.

Being different requires courage. Seeing past decades of tired banking norms for a better way takes determination. When we can deliver on our promises and get things done for our customers, we give them a reason to take pride in their bank.

The lion is the perfect representation of who we have always been and who we will continue to be — a bold bank that isn’t afraid to break through convention to get things done right.


With 200+ locations, over $18 billion in assets and a 50-year history, you can rest assured that Ameris Bank is here for the long haul. We have a rich legacy which translates into stability for our customers and bankers.


Our bankers are empowered at the local level to make decisions so you don't have to jump through hurdles or endure endless red tape. This empowerment, combined with our strength, means that we can get things done right.

In person, on the phone, or on a screen, we provide seamless — and personalized — interactions so you can choose how, when and where you interact with us.

From corporate banking to personal finances, we treat every deal and every account like it’s the most important. At Ameris Bank, you’re a priority, not a number. This is Ameris.

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Ameris Bank is a full-service financial institution serving customers in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, with locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.